Craziest Roller Coasters around the World:

If you are searching for crazy and scary roller coasters around the world then don’t move from here because on this page I am going to share a very important article on this topic. I know you visits lots of amusement parks in your city as well as in your country but now it’s the time to move around the world & visit biggest parks with fastest, craziest, traffic & scariest roller coasters.

It is a perfect article for fun loving people & thrill seekers. When you ride in these roller coasters then you will like the faces of those people who first time ride in roller coaster. I must say their faces look very hilarious & funny. If you are also one of those people who never have any experience of riding in Roller coaster then I once again say to you that when you ride then your stomach will be jumping into your throat.

You will feel as your heart beat is increasing at a fast rate. You will shout more & more. In short you have lot of fun. So, now let me tell you about the top craziest roller coasters that are found around the world so that you can plan your upcoming vacations.

Oblivion Roller Coaster at Alton Tower, England:

0 England's Oblivion coaster at Alton Towers. 1 England's Oblivion coaster at Alton Towers.

Look at the above pictures in which you can see the very terrific roller coaster this known by the name of “Oblivion coaster”. It is located at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England. It is a 3rd fastest roller coaster in UK. Its designer name is John Wardley. It is a tallest and fastest roller coaster with vertical drop. It is a perfect roller coaster for thrill seekers.

Bandit Bomber, Abu Dhabi:

2 Bandit Bomber  Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi 3 Bandit Bomber (Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi)

Bandit Bomber (Yas Water world) is located in Abu Dhabi. It is a very well-known inverted roller coaster. Its height is almost 115 feet while its speed is 60 kilo meter per hour. Its every seat is equipped with water bombs & laser guns. You can have a lot of in this roller coaster with your family. So, whenever you visit Abu Dhabi then you must ride in Bandit Bomber.

“Outlaw Run” Wooden Roller Coaster, Missouri:

4 Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City, Missouri) 5 Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City, Missouri)

Outlaw Run is basically a roller coaster that is made with wood & located in Silver Dollar City, Park in Branson, Missouri. It is world’s steepest & 2nd fastest wooden roller coaster with 50 meters height & 109 kilometer per hour speed in the world. For crazy & fun loving people it is a best place & craziest roller coaster.

Millennium Force at Cedar Point, Ohio, US:

6 Force at Cedar Point in Ohio 7 Force at Cedar Point in Ohio

Millennium Force is also include among the top roller coasters that are usually found in this world. It is basically a steel roller coaster & located at Cedar Point Amusement Park, in Sandusky, Ohio, United States. It the world’s first Giga coaster. It is tallest, fastest & steepest rides in the world. It use a uses a cable lift system. Its speed is about 93 meter per hour. It has 3 trains with 9 cars. Almost 36 riders can sit in one train. So, have a fun in this summer by visiting such an amazing park with craziest rides.

New Texas Giant, Arlington, Texas:


It is also a steel roller coaster located in Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas. It has three trains. Each train is made up of six cars. Almost 25 people can sit in one train. Riders can sit in cars safely because the hydraulic (circuit) lap bar and a seat belt is attached with each seat.

Scariest Roller Coasters:

Some other roller terrific & most death-defying roller coasters that are found around the world are Ocean Kingdom China roller coaster, Takabisha (Fuji-Q Highland park in Japan), a hybrid coater “The Coney Island Cyclone” (New York City), Superman ride (located at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio), Gatekeeper (located at Cedar Point, in Ohio), Desperado Roller Coaster (in Nevada) etc. the pictures are shown below. Have a look & enjoy!