“Abaya” is a crucial and indispensable accessory of women and considered as a symbol Of simplicity, transparency and purity. As we all living in the trendy and fashionable era, that’s why, the Abaya are also has been altered due to obligation and requirements of trendy age,  and abayas  availability has been changed, now  you can get season abayas in latest and exclusively designs with sizzling embroidery and blistering cuts. Because today’s girls want to get two benefits from their Abayas, they use not only for veil but also they wear as a trendy costume  with stunning design and nourishing ornamentation, here we are going to present a extravagant  and spectacular compilation of abays for “Winter season” . This has been exhibit and display for you in this squat album gallery, lets see…
In this abaya, s assortment warm textile and stuff has been utilized like Jeans and wool with the crochet sleeves, other structure and  fabric like satin silk, georgette, chiffon shamoz silk also exploit with dramatic embroidery, cuffs and corner of the abayas with scarves  are ornamented with colored beads, texture and fabric flowers  Entire abays, s compilation is consisting on striking, magnificent and pompous colors like [grey, aqua, purple, and black] and so on and ideal for those trendy girls who want to look fabulous in the limits of “Islamic” laws and regulations…

Anthology; “Abaya collection”
For which season: Winter season
Colors: {Grey, black, aqua, purple} and so on
Ready for: Islamic and trendy girls
Perfect for; in formal, informal events and function

Abaya Collection 2013 For Women


black color winter Abaya Collection 2013 For girls