Although tattoos are usually associated with men but these are not just for men. Today more and more people including women are opening up to the culture of getting a tattoo. The tattoos have now become the part of the world of art as it should be long time ago. Now women could also be able to enjoy delicate tattoos that show off their femininity.

Spine Tattoos are the newest, latest and unique ideas for both men and women. Spine is really a fragile part of human body. It exists in the middle of back from the top of the neck down to our buttocks. It is so delicate that once it snaps it could either kill or paralyze a person. It is the perfect spot for tattoos and these kinds of tattoos are called spine tattoos and they are ideal for those women who want to show off the body and back.

Spine Tattoos are placed on the backs usually start from the backside of the neck and reach to the lower back along with the back bone. Spine Tattoos come in different sizes and shapes like floral patterns, Chinese letters, some special and beautiful quotes. People think that spine tattoos are costly and expensive but there is no need to worry because it all depends upon the size and color ink using for your tattoo. Some people like large tattoos in different colors because the color of the tattoo totally depends on the design and some people like small and single color tattoo therefore they are not expensive and everyone can afford them.

Girls like the most flower tattoos as roses, lilies etc. you can see in the picture the tattoo of tiny rose buds and green leaves stem on the back of a girl and this delicate tattoo shows a quote as the stem of a small but budding tree. Some other flower designs can be take place as spine tattoo for girls and women and they are perfect for spine tattoo. Flowers are placed in the upper back part so you can flaunt it easily with some types of clothes. You can see in the picture the tattoo of lotus on the back of a girl, an abstract style lotus tattoo is a unique design.

Lotus flower has different meanings depending on its color but generally it is associated with spiritual purity and enlightenment and some of lotuses are renewal and life.
Your spine tattoo does not mean that you chose a design that will cover up your whole spine. You can choose a quote or your motto in life, basically something that makes you stand strong and tall. A girl in the picture made a tattoo of quote “What matters most is how well you walk through” along with the spinal cord. This kind of tattoos can be combined with some other designs and can be made alone as showing in the picture.

Spinal cord spine tattoo design is definitely close to the reality and it is really looking like opening of actual back side of a person and seems that a monster has been hiding inside the body is ripping of the back to come out.

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