Be happy, my skin-conscious women & girls, because I am here with amazing tips about how you can divest (get rid) yourself from your whiteheads (blackheads). But before giving some important & accurate tips I like to describe what whiteheads (blackheads) are?

What are Whiteheads?

Whiteheads is closely related with acne problem of face, whiteheads are actually small white color spots on the face (while the blackheads are appearing on the face in black color). One of the basic reasons of this face problem is the surplus of oil on the surface of skin, along with oil, sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria; lack of proper nutrition & other elements also leads to create these heads on the skin. They are usually found on the head, nose, cheeks, below the eyes, on the neck etc. The long bangs on the head are also leads to create this problem. Sun Heat, dust & populated air are also some other reasons of this problem.

How to remove Whiteheads?

For removing whiteheads (blackheads) various products are available in the markets. But before purchasing a product or medicine, you should consult with a skin specialist then you can use his/her recommended prescription.

Instead of it some extremely easy & simple tips that you can follow in order to get rid of from your whiteheads are:

Firstly, you should be very careful about your diet & nutrition.
Secondly, water plays a vital role in order to remove these white & black heads. Mostly doctors recommend that 7 to 8 glass of water are necessary for health skin.
Thirdly, you should avoid to rubbing & scratching these heads because this leads to increase the problem.
Fourthly, you should be very cautious about the make-up products that you use for the purpose of make-up. Avoid the use of oil-based make-up products.
Fifthly, various high quality face heads control scrubs are available into the markets; you can also use these scrubs.
Sixthly, toothpaste can also be used for removing this acne problem of whiteheads. You can use/apply toothpaste on the effected area of your skin before sleeping.
Seventhly, steaming of face & then usage of an extractor-loop for removing whiteheads is also an important tip.

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