It is the great saying that “First impression is the last impression” which we are listening from over childhood and approximately it is correct and right. When we meet with someone or go everywhere we look at next person face skin, if skin is glowing and neat, it will give a fresh look , on the other hand you will lost your importance in next person’s eye. Skin is an important and sensitive part of our body which can make you attractive for others. Today, we would like to talk about skin problem like acne and pimples. Firstly, we should know, what is acne and how we can prevent from pimples and acne & what are the things which are the cause of them?

Our skin is made of tiny pores and cells which located under the skin. Normal quantity of sebum and oil protect our face skin from dust and sun rays. But extra and ultra quantity of oil and sebum cause the pimple and acne on face. Pressure, stress, sea foods and dirt also become the cause of acne and pimple. Such pimple and acne appear on chick, chin, forehead, neck and nose because of not keeping care. If you are suffer in pimple and acne problem than don’t touch it with hands or burst with nails because it will immediately swelled due to bacteria infection. Below we are giving some instruction of get rid from pimple and acne…..

Firstly, you should go skin specialist for your skin treatment and follow physician prescription. In spite of it, you should drink more water for glowing skin. Don’t touch your skin with dirty hand for saving acne or pimple. Hair bangs keep away from your face. Use mild and branded soap, face wash and cleanser.

Topic: What is Pimples Acne?
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