It has been observed that Muslims have their own Islamic rules, tradition and orders and they follow all these guidelines from heart and soul & considered these rules essential for a better life. Similarly, Islam emphasizes the women to cover herself in ‘Abaya’ and Muslims girls also follow this instruction happily. Usually, Abaya is going to use in Arabic and Islamic countries and considered the symbol of Muslim girl.
The meaning of Abaya is “To cover the body in a vast cloth at all” and in Pakistan it is known by the name of “Burqa”. Black abayas are running from the past and in the present age, they have also great importance. But we know that white color indicate the limpidness and purity of anyone therefore; majority girls like to wear white abaya to change the trend.
Abaya is a long dress which has become more popular with the passage of time therefore; mostly designers launched abayas in every season according to the trend and fashion that could easily wear in not only regular outing but also in special events and gathering.
Below, we shall introduce you such white stunning abays as will become your first choice in first glimpse, let’s have a look.
Mostly abayas are simple but a lot of variety consist of captivate and innovating cuts. Soft and yielding silk, reshami, chiffon and satin fabric have been used in this abayas collection. A little bit alluring and astonishing embroidery is present on the neckline, upper front portion, sleeves and the border of abaya to make it awe-inspiring and glorious. Unconventional print and dazzling brooches with net lace work has been also done on the abayas. The sleeves are available in every variety like slim, tight, bellbottom, kaftans style and much more. Abayas are also present in long, vast and frilled style design. Dyed color staller with these white stunning abbayas can give you a pure and gentle look….

Collection: White stunning Abbayas
Stuff: yielding silk, reshami, chiffon and satin
Color: Pure white
Embellishment: Enthralling embroidery, net lace, print
Perfect for: Every season and function

white stunning abaya for women