Milan Fashion Inspired Street Styles Ideas for Girls:

Milan is a city of fashion. In this city different eastern & western fashion shows held in every season. Model show their glamorous looks in stunning attires on the fashion ramps. Similarly, if you walk into the streets of Milan then of course you will find out high end fashion into these streets. The fashion conscious girls take inspiration from the latest fashion shows & then they show their chic fashion sense by wearing bold & extra sizzling attires into the streets while going on work or to meet a friend as well as at a party by passing from these streets. Here, I bring the latest 2016 Milan street styles ideas for girls. If you live in Milan & want to make a style statement into the streets then these ideas are best for you. If you are planning to visit Milan into the upcoming days then of course these ideas will help you to pack your suitcase by keeping the latest Milan street styles into the mind. Let’s explore the following ideas!

Trend of Black Color from Head to Toe:

1 black from head to toe The Best Milan Fashion street style

Still is 2016, mostly girls are spotted in totally Black color attires & accessories into the streets of Milan. This look is known as head to toe black. For getting this look you need to add black tops, black pants or skirts or trousers as well as black footwear into your fashion wardrobe. Some other styling accessories such as black hats, black glasses & black handbags are also necessary.

Button down Shirt Fashion:

2 button down shirts The Best Milan Fashion street style

In Milan street styles, I also spot lots of girls who appear in button down shirts. Some wear stripped design shirts while some wear simple, some prefer to pair these shirts with shorts while some pair with skirts or pants. If you pair button down shirt with a mini skirt or shorts then try to wear knee high boots while with pant you can try pointed toe pump footwear.

Casual Street Style:

3 extra casual style The Best Milan Fashion street style

Some girls are seen in extra casual style. Their half tucked tops into pants are looking very chic & trendy. For getting extra casual look, I think you should make a rough hairstyle & don’t use fancy styling accessories. Try messy bun hairstyle, a care free make up look & of course a relaxed attitude in personality.

Black Leather Jackets:

4 leather jackets The Best Milan Fashion street style

The black leather jackets are also seen into the streets of Milan. Some girls like to pair these jackets with fedora hats so that they can get a rock & roll look while some try to make top knotted bun hairstyle so that they can get a little bit funky & gangster style look. With leather jackets if you hang long pearl or beaded necklace into your neckline then of course you will look unique into a crowd. You can wear leather jackets with button down shirts as well as with tank tops.

Rainbow Colors on Dresses:

5 omber colors The Best Milan Fashion street style

In the previous years the fashion of rainbow color was lost somewhere but this year I think it will be again in fashion because its glimpse is seen into the streets of Milan as you can view into the above photos. I think boldness is required to follow such fashion. Do you agree with me?

Polka Dots Fashion:

6 polka dots 5 The Best Milan Fashion street style

In the streets of Milan, once again girls are seen in polka dots print pants, tops & shirts. Polka dots print always adds a childish touch into the personality of a lady. So, I think only teen age girls should follow this trend while old age of ladies should avoid it. What do you think?

Are Satchels in Fashion?

7 satchels The Best Milan Fashion street style

Last year I saw handbags, handbags & only handbags but now I think this year the satchels are going to make their place into the fashion world.

Mini Skirts Trend:

8 skirts The Best Milan Fashion street style

Girls can make hottest entry into the streets with their friends by wearing miniskirts either with fur tops or with button down shirts. Of course with a mini skirt a pair of high heel footwear is best option. You can also think about pointed pumps. Use aviator sunglasses & a hang a satchel on your shoulder, now you are ready to go outside.