More confident and concise offering than past, here is bibhu mohapatra  trendy outfits collection 2014. Abounded of new bold cuts and trends are the proudly launched aspects of this unconventional collection. Finest texture in kinds of silk, crepe and mousse line imaginatively flourished with high demanded bold stitching cuts.

The unique shapes of close fitted pencil skirts, flared gowns, decorated pleat cocktail dresses and prim blouses are glorifying the mastery of artistic taste. Schemes of mint green, white, peach, pale pink, steel blue and coral versions in knee length blew the knee and floor length hems present mysterious sensibility of high ends.

Some inspirational flowery work in passionate red impresses the standard tastes. So keep enjoying this spring with tremendous services of this excellent assortment. Certainly, you will find a celerity attitude and gusts in this fabulous collection.
Topic: outfits collection
Manufactured by: bibhu mohapatra
Special for:  spring
Ideal for: more girls and stylish ladies

2014 pink and peach stylish and trendy outfits by bibhu (1)

2014 white gray and peach color collection by Bibhu Mohapatra   (1)

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Bibhu Mohapatra  2014 RTW outfits for women (1)

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