Alice + Olivia is a New York based contemporary clothing company owned by a talented fashion designer Stacey Bendet at the helm. Bendet showed her first design to a crowed of fashion industry at the Russian Tea Room that year, “just pants” collection introducing the label’s signature low-rise, slim-fitting “Stacey Pants” in bright colors and funky patterns. Alice + Olivia pants gained immediate popularity due in part to their mindful design. The brand has since grown to a full lifestyle brand collection including ready-to-wear outfits, shoes, hand bags and tech accessories. In this article we are talking about her fall winter collection.

Alice + Olivia winter collection usually include a few obvious references to the era of 70s because the designer Bendet loves the 70s references. This collection will finish the era’s collection from flared trouser and bohemian dresses to funky prints and embroideries. The collection has been featured with most stylish and trendy designs of ready-to-wear casual dresses.

These pretty casual outfits are cool enough to give you a classy and fantastic look. Have a look at all these new and fresh arrivals from here. The entire presentation was staged to evoke the day in the life of a New York denizen in the late 1970s, beginning with her painting in her studio and ending with a trip to a club. Long length skirt is designed in the stuff of chiffon.

Black lace is placed on v neckline and the lower skirt is decorated with vibrant color wide laces including orange, yellow and blue looking good with same colors striped long boots. Sleeveless short dress is designed in vibrant green, red, yellow and blue color and fully embellished with black work of pearls, beads and cutdana looking so nice and girl can carry this short dress with long boots. Another sheath dress in floor length is designed with same colors and work for those girls who don’t like to wear short dresses in cold season.

Skin tight mock-neck top with full sleeves in maroon color is looking good with medium length skirt. Skirt is decorated with hand painting in different colors and adorned with spray of stones and stones are also placed around the borders of each painting pattern to make the dress more beautiful.

The girl wearing this dress with wide waist belt, a hat on her head and t-strap sandals in black color is looking like a heroine of 70s. Mock neck sweaters can be worn with everything from high waisted wide legs to sexy skirts. If you want to look like a boho girl then wear mini leather skirt in vibrant color with it and also wear a long coat in vibrant color as yellow and long high heel boots in mustard color.

Geometrical design long length dress is designed in vibrant colors and stitched with thigh high cut. This dress will look good with long boots in pastel skin color. The outfit is designed in red color, full sleeves shirt is designed in self print silk stuff and the pant is stitched with cut slim to create the illusion of elongated legs and a lean silhouette.

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