Altuzarra has introduced his new collection for this winter which is full of charm and it is a pile of stylish dresses for girls. The style and designs are very much of the girls’ interest. They will love to buy these dresses and put them on the palette of their wardrobe. With the arrival of the lovely season winter where every designer have brought the ideas to spend this season wearing different beautiful costumes there a name Altuzarra is also include in the list of famous designers. If we put a glance to his collection we will see how lively dresses we can have from this stock. Dresses are in different colors with exquisitely beautiful design and style.

One piece belted suit;


One piece suits are decorated with belt around the waist which is making the suit a very stylish one. In the picture given, a striped suit with two colors combination is giving a very serene look. It’s the color combination that is making the suit different from the usual one. Jersey stuff in flexible form is increasing the grace of the suit. Silver belt around the waist is printed in floral pattern. Wearing an ankle strap heel shoes, sky-blue earrings and holding a bucket bag you will be ready to go for an evening night function.

Outfits with different natural hues;


It seems that the designer has taken most of the colors from nature. These colors are used in contrast with dark colors and this is looking very pleasing to the eyes. A skirt of light blue color with half blouse is paired with deep blue color jacket. Girls will have great fun in these dresses as the dresses are very comfortable which will give them confidence. Skirts are very much favorite to the girls and here it is accompanied by jacket. Both are giving complement to each other.

Overcoat style for girls;


White color printed top is accompanied by overcoat that is looking very classy. It seems that designer is playing with the color by bringing different colors together to make the dresses lively and vivacious. In the picture the dress is not in a very bright color but the white lining on the coat is changing the whole look of the dress. Maroon lace on the hemline and at the cough of the sleeves is looking marvelous here while the contrast is not a usual one. But in this dress we see how wittily the designer has done his work of turning a simple dress into stylish and eye-grabbing one. A white belt is giving the true contemporary touch to the outfit.

Skirt with button down shirt and short coat;


Scheme of hues that the designer has given to his dresses is really appraisable. Here is a dress in three multiple colors and the stitching pattern is making the dress a decent look. Business women or working ladies can wear this dress to have a stylish look. White printed coat with sky-blue shirt and couple with black printed skirt is looking very modish and classy. Ankle strap heels and white color earrings are sufficient accessories to complement the whole attire.

Side slit frill gown;


In chocolate color the side slit gown with white printed ribbon around the waist is looking fabulous. The cough of the sleeves, neckline and edges of the frills of the gown are detailed with red color sitara work. Keep this dress for an outgoing evening party. This design is found in the collection with various color schemes and designs that will force you to buy more than one piece.