Rajesh Pratap Singh is a noted fashion designer of Indian fashion designer and he is originally from Rajasthan, graduated from NFT, Delhi in 1994. However he was trained with New Delhi based designer David Abraham for a year, before graduating. He further went to work with the Italian menswear label Marzotto for two years. Rajesh Pratap Singh started his own line of men’s and women’s clothing in 1997 after the two years experience in Indian and Italian fashion industry. The designer is known for his minimalism and understated design aesthetics with a sharp eye for detailing.

Pratap‘s exploration with fabric texturing and most prominently his creative usage of pin tucks has almost become synonymous to the label. The key to his work lies in simplicity, clean cuts and flawless detailing. He has showcased his collection in Paris and Milan as well apart from India. He presented his winter festive collection at Lakmé Fashion Week this is designed by the name of ‘The Punjabi Suit’ because this is designed by the inspiration of Indian roots.

The collection consists of striped- double breasted jackets and denim waistcoats with shalwars, Capri pants and dhoti pants. The beautiful and gorgeous model Jacqueline Fernandez stuns in Rajesh Pratap Singh’s show at Lakmé Fashion Week.

Besides Jacqueline Fernandez, famous actor Imaad Shah and super model Ujjwala Raut also spotted on the runway. Striped design pant in dark brown color with navy blue dress shirt and light brown color coat is a nice dress. The collection has influences from school girl uniforms and the iconic Punjabi shalwar qameez.

You can see in the picture white uniform with dark brown coat and same color flat sandals. Long length light grey gown with turtle neck white shirt and the other dress is designed dark grey long length skirt, a coat and light grey shirt with collars, short length striped design dress with pink sash, knee-length white frock with striped design Capri pant, same design waist coat and white sash with grey borders, long length turtle neck white frock with simple white shalwar, all of these uniforms are designed for school going girls.

Jacqueline Fernandez was so excited to walk on ramp for the designer and she praised his work. Jacqueline was decked in a buttoned-up shirt paired with cigarette pant and a flouncy skirt. The silver jacket with golden borders effortlessly thrown in with the overall silver ensemble added the required swag. She said, “I’m a huge fan of Rajesh’s work, I just think he makes things so elegant and wearable. All the dresses that were presented today fantastic and I can wear them like every single day and I ‘m honored to be walking for him”.

All the dresses in this collection are designed with fabric woven in house as silk, linen and cotton. Though not conventionally a winter hue, white was effectively put in use in different silhouettes. In men’s wear there was a distinct departure from fitted shapes to more fluid cuts, with the drop crotch dhoti pants providing to be the piece-de-resistance. Hope you will like the collection the best.

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