A.PC. is basically a French RTW fashion house which is currently located in Paris. The designer who works behind this fashion label is “Jean Touitou” includes among the very talented & skillful designers of the French. Recently this brand launched its new fall 2014 menswear collection. This collection shows the artistic taste &modish way of designing.

In this collection you can see the ur-trimmed coats, knitted hoods , jackets, pants, shirts, inspired ripped jeans (scrunch at the knees), Pull over sweaters, shirts worn loose (made with flannel stuff fabric) & collared coats. The collection is perfect for this fall 2014 seasons. These classic dresses are perfect for the modern gentleman as casual wear. So dear gentleman if you want to add these outfits into your wardrobe then without getting late, enter one of its retail stores & buy the outfits of your own choice.

The Label of this fashion house that is A.PC. actually Stands for “’Atelier de Production et de Création”.  This private retail house was established in the 1987 while it has now opened its various outlets at different places such as in London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Singapore, Osaka & in Hong Kong. It is said about this brand that it’s getting popularity among the young generation only because of its minimalistic designs. One of the famous products designed or manufactured by this fashion label is raw-denim selvage jeans.

The color of this jean feds ups as you washed it again & again. So every time when you wear it, everyone considered it a new denim jeans pieces. This quality makes it popular among the jeans loving people. You can explore the latest collection that is shown into the following look book.  Hope you will also like it!

Collection of: Menswear
Launched by: A.PC.
Designed by: Jean Touitou
Perfect for: Fall 2014 Season
Collection consists on: Shirts, Pants, Coats, Jeans, Pull over Sweaters, Hoods etc
Every Piece of this Collection is manufactured with: Premium Quality Stuff

White Color Gorgeous Outfits for Gentleman Designed by Jean Touitou

1 2014 winter dress A.P.C. Fall Menswear for men (4)

Sky Blue Jeans & Shirt with Furred Collared Coat for Casual Wear by A.P.C.

2 men wear winter dress A.P.C. Fall 2014 Menswear (8)

Gray Color Pull over Sweater with T-shirt & Pant

3 men wear winter dress A.P.C. Fall 2014 Menswear

Flannel Fabric Shirt with Scrunch Jeans for Boys by Jean Touitou

4 men wear winter dress A.P.C. Fall 2014 Menswear (5)