Neeta Lulla is a fashion stylist and costume designer of India and she has worked on over 300 movies and her name became inseparably associated with Bollywood when two famous actresses Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai has wore her dresses in Devdas a famous Indian film. Neeta Lulla has won many awards as a best fashion designer and her Summer Resort 2016 collection at Lakmé Fashion Week is the inspiration of cherry blossoms.

Let’s talk about her collection and you can see the vibrancy of the cherry blossoms into the colors of dried flowers and crackled Mothers Earth. He designed the dresses that can be donned for parties and social gatherings. She used quality oriented fabrics like georgette, silk, chiffon, cotton and net and beads, simple and shimmering threads, frills and delicate colors have been added to her collection.

The beautiful black saree is perfect for evening functions designed in the stuff of chiffon and embellished with same color sequin looking so beautiful and there is no need to carry heavy jewelry with this. The bodice of this light purple maxi is designed in the sequins stuff and the lower skirt is made in chiffon and decorated with floral embroidery in same color and light color and some sequins are also use to garnish the dress.

The light grey jumpsuit is designed in the stuff of silk chiffon and little embroidery with same thread is done on the yoke and shoulders this dress can be used casually or formally. The gown is designed in georgette stuff and decorated with floral net and the lower skirt is designed in net this simple dress is looking nice and you can carry this in a formal party. The light peach shirt is designed in collar style and there is an embroidered gown of net above the shirt and embroidery is done on the border of the shirt.

The maxi is designed in a floral print stuff of chiffon and the underlay is designed in the plain net and a short jacket is set with the dress garnished with embroidery in the same pattern of the dress and a lace is placed on the hemline and there is another option for you that you can carry a short top with crochet pattern with the dress and in this way you can change the entire look of the dress. Appliqué work is done on shocking pink lehenga of silk satin you can carry different kinds of shirts with this lehenga.

The beige trouser is embellished with orange color embroidery and a plain orange shirt and dupatta is set with this trouser and it will be a perfect party wears if you carry heavy jewelry with this outfit. There is a light baby pink trouser made in a shimmery stuff looking good and the plain georgette shirt is set with this trouser and a little bead work is done on the shirt.

Light green dress is designed in the net with lace work and sequins are placed on the lace to make the dress more beautiful. Jewelry of kundan stones with green touch wearing with dress will make you the center of the party. there is a sari in light pink color full of embroidery with same color thread and the caplet of silk satin full of work of stones, beads and other things made the dress unique.

All the dresses in this cherry blossom collection are unique and beautiful and can be used for casual, formal and party wear and every girl will love to wear the stunning dresses of famous designer Neeta Lulla.

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