Positano is a western fashion designer he design the dresses for women and men wear in trendy style. Couture Fashion Week 2013 collection in NEW YORK so many designer present their dresses in this show.
Positano is also present the dresses in this show. These dresses are perfect for summer splash and the sea parties. This collection is consisting on short dresses for girls and boys. Half pants and shirt and coats are in this collection make the different style of fashion for boys.
Tights and skirts design for this show in trendy and funky color. The silk, chiffon stuff designer use in ladies outfits and for the gent wear they use the leather and cotton in the pant and shirt.
In western counties these kind of dresses are use casually wear in routine life. The printed stuff is use in the most of the dresses to make it attractive and fashionable.

Topic: Positano Couture Fashion Week 2013 collection in NEW YORK
Designer: Positano
Stuff: silk, chiffon, cotton and leather
Color: light and dark
Design: short dresses
Perfect for: party and casual wear

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