Today we talk about illustrious and notorious Spanish fashion designer “Paco Rabanne” born 18 February 1934. He is a great celebrity of Spanish fashion industry. He took stepped in fashion field by creating jewelry for Dior, Givenchy, Balancing. He worked on such alternative materials like metal, paper, and plastic with his eccentric and flashy designs. Peco Rabbani becomes famous for costume designs in Barbarella film hand with his eponymous collection that he present in Paris. He started his fashion house in 1960.

He recently appears in Paris fashion week with his outlandish collection 2014.  Here we show you his collection Lets have a look……..

In Paris fashion week Paco Rabbani present scuba dresses, kinky t-shirt with bottom fitted skirts, nimble tank tops, UN zipped pristine dresses, oversized tailored jackets, monochrome hem lines. All his collection comprises on explicit and immersed design astonishing with stripes cuts.  Soft and fluid fabric has been utilized like organza, blended, silk, moon light, patent leather, and suede leather. At the end we can say that all the collection of Paco Rabanne have intense colors and splendid styles which are so trendy now a days for casual and official wear.

Anthology: Paris fashion week 2014
Designer: Paco Rabanne
Born in: France 14 February 1936
Style: western

designer paco rabanne collection by Paris Fashion Week 2014

designer paco rabanne collection in paris fashion week collection

good collection of dresses by paco rabanne

paco rabanne collection by Paris Fashion Week

paco rabanne design short dress fashion collection

Paris Fashion Week 2014 dress collection

wastren style short and long dress by paco rabanne