Today our post is about Milan fashion week that was held before few days ago in the Paris Milan city. Many designer and famous brands of Paris participated and showcased their apparels, and accessories. Now we are going to introduce a preeminent brand of Italy which is a luxurious fashion house. Mario Prada founder of this brand. It was established in 1913. This brand produced leather goods, accessories, cell phones, watches, jewelry, clothing and cosmetic. Here we will you a compilation of Prada that he reveled in the Milan fashion week.

This compilation include in face printed dress, jeweled neck line shirt with jewel short skirt, digital print dress, bikini print dress, key hole neck line top,  colorful printed coat, face print coat, trench coat, leather bikini, draped sequin work short top, leather hand bags, flat shoes and heel strapless shoes. Color combination f the dresses are dark and bright, like red, black, blue, yellow, green & brown. All the collection is ready for casual wear. Compilation of the dresses, bags and shoes of Parda is out standing and modish.

Topic: Milan fashion week
Brand: Prada
Founder: Mario Prada
Compilation: women dresses, shoes hand bags
Fabric: wool, fleece, blended, cotton, cashmere
Ready for: casual wear

Face printed dress in blended stuff

1 beautiful Milan Fashion Week Prada SS 2014 collection dress for girls

Royal blue jeweled coat with brown jeweled knee length dress

2 new fashion Milan Fashion Week Prada SS 2014 collection (1)

Blue trench coat with bikini

3 lovely Milan Fashion Week Prada SS 2014 dress collection (1)

Printed key hole neckline knee length dress with brown skirt

4 stylish dress Milan Fashion Week Prada SS 2014 collection for girls (2)