Animale is an international brand in England established in 1987. The brand introduced winter ready to wear collection in the styles as knee lengthy outfits with long boots, full sleeves with cut style skirts, halter neck with pant and with long cardigan, sleeveless floor length dress and pant dress with feather coat. All these outfits are designed in silk, cotton, crinkle, jersey, rayon, viscous fabric, wool and feather. Animale outfits are best for winter season because they give you soft and fluffy look and you feel comfort by wearing these dresses.

The short shirt of this black dress is designed in halter style neckline decorated with same color thread embroidery and a cotton pant is set with the shirt. This dress will look good with high heel pumps in red color and you can wear red lip color with this black dress match to your pumps. Full sleeves collar shirt made in plain white color and set with a mini skirt stitched with cuts. Full sleeves yellow shirt with same tulle will look good with black silk pant and high heel white pumps.

Floor length yellow dress made in crinkle stuff and silk stuff is also used on bodice. Crinkle shirt is designed with pleated neckline and sleeveless and kept plain and set with plain black pant and tea pink crinkle tulle. Button down black coat is designed in turtle neck and sleeveless and attached with black pant.

Peach color pant is made in shimmer stuff and a plain white shirt is set with this pant. The girl is looking nice by wearing this dress with yellow pumps and carrying a small hand bag in green color. Light grey color pant is designed in cotton stuff looking good with a light pink coat, matching grey pumps and a multi color hand bag.

Mini skirt in black color is stitched with cuts and yellow piping is placed around the cuts to prominent them and is set with peach color shirt. Wool coat in yellow color is set with the dress. The dress will look good with long boots in grey color and you can use long boots in other color too with this outfit.

Striped design shirt stitched with turtle neck and set with plain black pant made in silk stuff. Medium length shirt is designed in the stuff of velvet stitched in spaghetti strap with deep v neckline and irregular hemline. Long boots in golden color will compliment the dress. Knee length frock in peach color is made in pleated neckline and yellow tulle is set with this frock. Spaghetti strap deep v neckline shirt is designed in velvet stuff in peach color looking good with silver long boots.

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