Robert Flores is a fabulous design in Spanish flavor. He designs so many types of dresses in the different style. He designs in this gallery the spring and summer menswear. He designs so many outfits for men wear. This newly collection he represent Couture Fashion Week 2013. This function is take place in New York City hotel. In this collection he designs for menswear totally. The dress pants are design in different style in it. He matches the shirts and the stylish coat with theses dresses. The printed shirts are in this collection is the very trendy and modish style. In some dresses he matches the jacket without shirt and these jackets are sleeveless and stylish enough. The leather coats and jackets are complete this collection very cool process. These dresses are wear able in casual and office wear. The shirts are made with the cotton stuff in this collection. The color combination for menswear is the major part of the dress. In this collection designer chose the very light and soft color for the dress up.

Topic: Robert Flores Couture Fashion Week 2013 collection in NEW YORK
Designer: Robert Flores
Stuff: leather and cotton
Color: light and soft
Design: pants, coats and shirts
Perfect for: office and casual wear.

black men suite dress by Robert Flores fashion week collection

black paint blue print shirt by Robert Flores

funnky style hair for men dress by Robert Flores

new york fashion week collection by Robert Flores 2013

Robert Flores Couture Fashion Week 2013

Robert Flores Couture Fashion Week 2013 in new york fashion collection

Robert Flores Couture Fashion Week 2013 men collection

trendy dress for boys by Robert Flores new fashion week collection

winter style dress by Robert Flores fasion week collection