Payal Singhal is famous fashion designer of India born in Delhi and graduated summa-cum-laude in 1993 from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising of California. She is popular for her corporate uniforms and later on she participated in some major international fashion shows including Toronto. She presented her winter festive collection at Lakmé Fashion Week 2016.

She also wrote a book called as Fashion Studies for aspiring young designers. She works with craftsmen in various tiny villages to integrate their designs in the mainstream and she works with indigenous material like silk, brocade, zardosi and chikankari and she gets inspiration from Mughals and other royal era. Let’s talk about her dresses.

At Lakmé Fashion Week, Payal Singhal introduced her collection with the label of “Pakeeza” that means pure and it symbolizes that this collection stays true to simplicity and basic designs. This collection is perfect for those who want a pure and simple life in this modern age.

She is famous for her dreamy and romantic bridal wear collection and she introduced the new style of cropped lehenga skirts that is all in all a fitting collection for the modern bride. She presented dresses in black and white hues and there are crushed and full lehengas with flattering and sleek blouses, shoulder cut out fitted kurtas and dhoti pants all are featuring her signature embroidery.

Off-shoulder short blouse is decorated with embroidery of beige color thread and a lower skirt is also decorated with same embroidery and the dress is set with a plain tight pajama looking good and perfect for party wears. The printed grey and white dress is designed for casual wear because no material is used to garnish the dress and a plain black full sleeves sweater can be worn with this simple dress.

The full sleeves shirt is designed like a blouse from the front and like a shirt from the back and decorated with little embroidery and a dhoti pant is set with this unique shirt the whole dress is designed in the stuff of silk.
Knee length black frock is stitched in different printed stuff and there is a plain white gown set as an overlay looking good with black tights and printed flat shoes.

A college girl can carry this dress at her college. Whole dress is designed in silk stuff in the combination of grey and beige, grey blouse with irregular hemline and full sleeves is garnished with tiny embroidered leafy motifs and lower skirt lehenga is also decorated with the same work done on the hemline and in the center of the skirt looking nice and perfect party wear for young and unmarried girls.

Long length frock in hot red color with an overlay in black color is a nice dress and model is also looking nice by wrapping a printed matching scarf around her neck. Light tea pink color dress including short blouse and lehenga embellished with embroidery of thread, work of dabka, stones and pearl and cut work is looking beautiful and overlay shirt with full sleeves is decorated with tiny motifs of same work. This simple dress is looking nice and stylish and it is a contemporary Indian wear all the way that evoked a sense of timeless elegance on the catwalk.

The designer Payal Singhal has dazzled the audience with her simple and fabulous weaves. Hope you will inspire the lot by seeing the gorgeous dresses designed by the top Indian designer Payal Singhal presented at Lakmé Fashion Week winter festive 2016.

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