Alexander McQueen whose full name is Lee Alexander McQueen born on the date of 17 March 1969 so according to this date his zodiac sign is Pisces while the place of birth is UK. By occupation he is fashion designer. After completing his O-Levels in Arts he gets his professional diplomas in fashion designing from the reputable institutions. He gets popularity in the fashion world only because of his fabulous crafted skills & flawless creations of designs.

The theme of this collection which is launched at Paris Fashion Week reminds us the dresses which were worn by the men & women in the ancient times during the battle or war for protecting their body from the weapons of enemy. These outfits closely resembles from these armors. Feathers, full & flared style of skirts are looking very gorgeous. The harnesses (made of with leather) with tops are giving a warrior like look to the models. Curve jackets & golden/silver helmets are making this collection very influential to the viewers. Each outfit is looking like a master piece of designer “Alexander McQueen”. Hope you like & appreciate this collection!

Collection Launched At: Paris Fashion Week
Designer Name: Alexander McQueen
Born on: 17th March
Born in: UK
Theme of this Collection is: Armor-like
Colors: Vibrant
Collection for the Year: 2014
Fabric which is used: Leather, Hard Shinny Stuff & others

colorful dress collection by alexander mcqueen

black dress alexander mcqueen collection by Paris Fashion Week 2014

blackk and white dress by Paris Fashion Week 2014

blue dress alexander mcqueen collection by Paris Fashion Week 2014