Hey gals! Are you interested in doing kitchen chores? I really like to spend my time in kitchen to do new experiments in cooking and baking but when some guests arrive surprisingly this is your real exam that how you can décor your dining table with different tasty dishes. Besides cooking, the main decoration of dinning in any party, dinner or event is salad decoration, yumm.

Whenever any party is arranged I am called for garnishing the salad plates because always fond of exploring new creative ideas that look impressive to any dining table. My post contains fresh salad décor collection which has been collected for you to give you some ideas in different ways. I have collected these decorations randomly that displays both fruits and vegetables decorum.

Salad is the best appetite for kids and also for the people who want to lose their weight that’s why this deal is heavy from its benefits. Well, in any party salad décor is the main attraction for kids if it is displayed in interesting and creative manner on the other hand salad embellished trays are fascinating centerpieces for any dining. For summer parties it’s a big deal to put carved fruits and vegetables to enhance the beautification of decorated table.

There are many benefits of having salad with your meal as it is healthy and full of nutrients a body is needed. Well it’s time to reveal my collection that is full of handy ideas in many ways and styles to offer you, come and get advantage to be expert in illustrating your art of salad décor.

Fruit salad décor in basket:

1. basket salad decoration

Prepare a basket with different fruits to get variations like shown in the picture and it can be an attractive centerpiece of table. Take sticks and put the grapes will be embellished in basket.You can go with your theme too with round cutting fruits or chopped one.

Cheese cucumber boats salad:

2. salad boats decor

To attract kids you can follow this simple but amazing idea of cucumber boats that can easily be cut and display with help of sticks, tomato pieces at top of stick to create boat flag view. Well a cheese mixed fruits can delight well in summer parties.

Series of vegetable salad in one plate:

3. vegetable decoration idea

A pile of vegetables can be set in one plate but you should make the centre part of plate attractive with placing carved flowers. Long cut pieces of cucumber are looking awesome that can also be set on the sides of plates.

Fruit salad decoration for summer parties:

4. different fruits decor

For summer parties you can prepare different trays of fruit salad which can be adorned on table. Simply cut different shape fruits and mixes it together but the charm you can bring is to cut water melon in star shapes that can be cut with mould of fruits easily available in markets.

Peacock salad décor:

5. proffessional peacock design salad

This one designing is just more than wow but easy to make with different vegetable salad. Salad leaves are presenting best look feathers while crushed carrot is giving colorful effect. For parties you have to take big size tray so that all the guests get advantage of eating fresh salad.

Artistic way of decorating salad plate:

6. dish salad decor art

You only need cucumber and for colors tomato is best to give lush effects. Simple slices have been set up to make this piece of art salad décor. Just concentrate on the perfect cutting because making flower with cucumber is not tough task but a professional cutting is required.

Simple chopped salad plate:

7. simple fresh salad

Chop all the vegetables or you can add fruits to give pleasant look and put the pile to the center of the plate. Long thin cut cucumber pieces that may be rolled and set them in round shape with a least difference. You can make flower with these cucumber pieces too.

Eye pleasing fruit salad décor:

8. carved fruit salad

Carved salad decoration is very famous that can be learnt in practicing you can see in the picture where apples and oranges are cut in this beautiful slices and looking like leaves with dual effects.

Round shape salad decoration:

9. salad plate decoration

This one is simple that is for freshers who are new and learning different cut salad décor. I would suggest you, first start with simple and then practice can make you perfect to deal with complex. You may modify this décor design to your personal one.

Arranged salad design tray:

10. impressive salad tray

You just need crushed carrots, slices of cucumber and olive. Set them in diagonal lines one series for cucumber slices and the other is for carrot while olives can be put in sides of tray or in whatever design you want.

If you are expert in salad decoration and have your own theme then share with us but tell us about the collection. For further ideas stay connected.