Cakes are sweeter than anything and one sweet thing which is hot-favorite of kids, youngsters and all older too. The cake trends are going the wonderful and updated with new demands. But history tells something different as in past the people decorate a cake with eggs, honey and milk which was considered enough but at this age, cakes are something of trends and signify the unique style statement.

Now the topper cakes are more famous which is delighted in every festival or party when you have to celebrate such a glorious happiness of your life. We love these topper cakes ultimately get the really bashful moments, unlike of usual cake designs we have set here the most unique and amazing cakes which have something voguish and different styles.

Generally the flowers, ruffles, ivory, pastel and marbling over cakes are commonly found but in this collection something unusual will be the description of beautiful cakes readily can have for wedding, birthdays or any party.

Look for companies that offer highly fantastic cakes but don’t forget to ask them to use quality fondant, food colors and obviously the designs which you need for. Add these cakes for wedding and subtly the all cakes are according to different themes. For example if you have art deco or Gatsby-inspired theme then the cake is here in the collection. Want some inspiration? Let’s go to unbind the collection.

Baby breath flower wedding cake:


•    It is so cool to have that uniquely designed cake for wedding; well most of brides like to have the beauty of baby breath flowers in bouquets while carrying in hands, so these brides can also add the charm and delight to wedding keeping the baby breath flowers wedding cake topper. We hope the design will really inspire you and your guests.

New York City cake design:


•    For bachelors parties, cake is must have even for any party everyone needs of cake to create the sweetness to that party. If you are lover of New York City then own for this cake topper which has all the silhouettes regarding this theme. Especially young girls can have this to their parties.

Most beautiful cake style:


•    The floral inspired white and coral color combination cake is really making everyone stun due to the elegance and wondrous charming details of this cake. This is especially for wedded couples to add the elegance of whites in their wedding but by tinting up the coral hues incredibly.

Halloween cake inspiration:


•    Many couples are in search of different inspiring themes for wedding and because this is Halloween month so you can have this wedding theme with taking the Halloween inspired topper cake. Flowing chocolate and all cobweb details on cake is reminding us of freaky styling.

Beautiful leafy design cake:


•    For fall weddings the inspiration of both floral and leafy designing is fantastic. This topper cake is impressive with brown coating and layers of leafy pattern. You can also have this for birthday parties or the get together where cake delight is so significant.

Super impressive cake in black:


•    The ruffles on all black cake is beautiful design but the prominent gold silhouettes and white flower tucking on cake are more enhancing its super impressive expressions. For vintage or antique weddings, this cake can put to table to make the reception so sweet and pretty too.

Lilies over cake:


•    Well floral cakes are so much impressive but we have here totally different inspiration of getting a lily-inspired cake surrounded with all pink and purple lilies. This is so cool to create freshness in the atmosphere of wedding function or you may celebrate your birthday having this topper cake.