Birthday celebration has appeal for all people but for kids the temptation towards cake is impeccable because the most favorite taste for kids is the sweet taste that they always like. When you celebrate birthday of your kid then try to do the things for which your kid feels keen interest and that can make him happy. Mostly the kids get inspired by the cartoons and when they see their cake with the favorite character, they automatically feel craziness for this big deal. Nowadays theme based cakes are in trends and these awesome look cakes are incredible to have the bashful party.
Kids are the most innocent creature and everyone likes to amuse them or to bring priceless smile on their face, what would be the cute thing than having a sweet design inspiring cake on their birthday. If you are searching for the cake designs for the birthday celebration of your kid or wanna give the cake as a gift to the birthday kid, then my post can further help you in getting the pretty design cakes at all.
Nowadays special kind of fondant is used to make the amazing and creative cakes with different shapes that look like the 3d cakes. Surely kids like creative things with their favorite character designs that’s why you must make their birthday party wondrous by placing the exquisite design cakes on table. Have a glance at my collection and enjoy the delightfulness of different style cakes, best and favorite for kids.

Cookies monster cake delight:

1. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

The cute dotted cake with cookies monster upon it surely would be interesting and exquisite for kids in their birthday party. Let the all birthday theme blue and ask for other kids to come in wearing blue dresses to make the party gorgeous.

Blocks made birthday cake:

2. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

The most interesting activity for little kids in their childhood is construct different things with the help of colorful blocks so this cake is liked by kids due to the puzzled blocks.

Big delight of sweet cake:

3. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

Sweets, cup cakes, ice cream and the loli pops are the most favorite things for kids and when these are all present in one cake, kids will surely get crazy and happy all the time in birthday party.

Toppers jellies on cake:

4. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

In my childhood I really liked the jellies and still at this time this is also a cheering up thing for me and absolutely kids would like this jelly topper cake due to the colorfulness and interesting texture.

One and only Tom & Jerry:

5. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

Tom and jerry are the most loved cartoon character of every kid and find them in reality is very wonderful thing. Make your kid a surprise of this Tom and Jerry cake and enjoy the time.

Fun with colorful bunties:

6. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

Tomb shape chocolate cake can make at home too that is very easy, give the layers of chocolate to cake and let it dry. After drying, decorate the colorful bunties on all over the cake. This is superb easy I have made in home.

Joyful minion yellow cake:

7. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

Kids like the fun creature and minions are their most favorite with cute appearance that is why I have submitted this minion cake perfect for the minion theme birthday party of kids. Wear your kid the minion costume that will make him very happy.

Elsa and Ana birthday cake for kids girls:

8. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

The Disney inspired things or items always carry the attention of little girls, so get the favorite characters of Elsa and Ana into the birthday cake of your kid girl.

 Zoo cake with animals:

9. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

A zoo made in the cake will be interesting and fascinating for all the kids present in birthday party. Make them busy in looking at different animals and present the fondant made animals to all the children.

Cute castle birthday cake:

10. Kids most favorite birthday cakes

Kids get attracted towards creative things and present the beautiful castle cake that is their most favorite.