Delightful vegetables salad ideas for wedding

In the preparation wedding ceremony where dreamy venue and outstanding location has much significance there food menu list also deserve more attention. Wedding foods are really much delicious and tasty but their decoration and serving style makes these more yummy and cherished. Now a day, different types of vegetables and fruits salad, luscious and mix salad are most wanted,

favorite dish in the wedding food menu and these excellent and exclusive vogue decoration enhances these beauty and taste. Here, I am going to share dazzling and current surprising ideas to décor wedding salad plates. For this purpose stylish and luxury crockery goods are also needed. Let see below where you will get stupendous ideas to décor vegetable salad dishes.

 Mix vegetable superb salad plate

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Yummy! Really this looks delicious and stunning with fresh juicy vegetables and dazzling decoration. This exquisite and delectable vegetable salad plate decorated with layered style by using kale leaves, cucumber, carrot, tomato, cabbage flower and capsicum. Capsicum used as a cream bowl in the center of salad plate.

Amazing chicken decorative salad plate

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This beautiful and outstanding vegetable salad plate is adorned in chicken form that looks enormous astonishing.  Tomato layers, cucumber cut pieces and black olive created dazzling chicken’ feather shape while face shape created with boiled egg. This is ultra-modern and excellent idea to décor wedding vegetable salad plate.

Adorable tree form vegetable salad dish

3 vegetable salad decoration ideas for wedding

Wao! This salad pot looks pretty and nice that decorated in superb tree form. Cucumber sliced, pink radish sliced, strawberry, cucumber, carrot and kale salad ingredients utilized to adorn this charming salad plate.

Vegetable & fruit salad tables for wedding

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For wedding food menu, salad is must that should by in extensive capacity so table salad idea is elite and nice. This excellent and terrific salad table is adorned in three floors vivacious vogue with numerous fruits and vegetables mixing. But all salad food items are collected in good arrangement.

Here, you can get some more tremendous lovely and outstanding idea of salad decoration for wedding those are unique and astonishing and easiest. Hope, you will like this yummy and appealing salad decoration assortment.