Do you love baking but find it difficult to decorate your cake in a pretty well way. Don’t you worry, making your cake look professional and impressive doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. We’ve got some simple and easy techniques to try in the comfort of your own kitchen that won’t break the bank either. Use the easy how-to instructions on the following slides to learn how to decorate some of our favorite birthday cakes recipes.


Cake decorating, like many art forms, does not develop overnight. People are very forgiving as long as the cake tastes good. Cake decorating, like many art forms, does not develop overnight. You must practice and then practice some more in order to improve. The best part is seeing the splash of colors on your plate. The cake always looks so big and bright.



Everything a beginner needs can be found at your local craft store or in your own kitchen. Cookie cutters, sharp steak knives and rulers are some of the best tools to use. An off-set spatula, cake pans, cake boards, fondant smoothers and a turn table are also very important when beginning cake decorating.



If you want your cake to be simple but yummy and beautiful enough so you can use this basic tip. Butter cream gives this super simple icing a silky texture and sheen. Butter cream is one of the most popular cake toppings as it can be made into different flavors, different colors and can be presented in a variety of ways too, from piped swirls to a smooth palette-knife finish. Customize its flavor with vanilla, lemon juice, or cocoa.



Think of it this way: covering a cake in fondant is like wearing spandex pants, it will accentuate every flaw, bump and dimple. So, be kind to your cake and work to perfect your crumb coat. I think we agree, but a perfect crumb coat will take your cake to wow level. You can make a cake that combines breakfast with dessert and use Fruity Pebbles as a topping.



Fruits or melted marshmallows are a simple way to turn your classic bake into a masterpiece. Put fruit pieces as it is or melt marshmallows gently on a low heat on the hob and pour over the top of your cake – the choice is yours. This tip’s ingredients are reasonably priced in most supermarkets which make them an easy option for kid’s birthday cakes or food gifts.