Welcome to the world of cake decorating!!!! In which you can learn the method of backing and decorating cake items which are utilized in the occasion of birthdays, anniversary and as a present. The best sweet, delicious and yummy taste of cakes makes someone happy, cheer and delight on any type of occurrence. That’s why cake has an imperative part in our life and I hope you will be agreeing with me…

As far as the cake decoration is concerned, there are a lot of ways to décor them but hence, we shall show you the cake decoration with butter cream which can be easily availed in homes at all. You can use sweet flavors in multi colors like light and dark shade with butter cream to make cake look lip-smacking, melodious and mouth-watering…

Firstly, change butter cream white color through including colorful sweet flavors in it and than make tiny flowers, dots, designs on the cake front, edges and bottom era through special mould which is used for cake decoration. In this way you can make your cake look extra melody and astonishing which can make everyone stunned and wonder.

Subject matter: Cake decoration with butter cream,
 Needed: Special mould and sweet colorful flavors
Perfect for: Birthday, anniversary and special occasions

_Butter cream Rossetes cake

Buttercream Cake

Buttercream Flower sonround cake