“Cakes” and “Candy” both are the kid’s favorite possessions. If they both are present in one place, then we can’t imagine to kid and child’s pleasure.
Mothers! If you are mystified to your child’s upcoming birthday and wants to bake a cake with the adornment of candies, then cheer up! Here we are brought for you outstanding beautification of cake with candies and the ideas to make such cakes, let’s have a look.

First of all,  For the smoothly and fluffy surface of the cake you need to apply a layer of  cream and butter over the cake, use licorice stick, gumdrops or berry shaped candies to create the flowers and put the candies on the surface of the cake with opposite direction on the cake at irregular space

You can also make border and flowers with the usage of licorice stick, you can also write the best wishes compliment or whatever with the different shapes of cuttings on fruits and candies.

Besides the usage of colorful candies you can also utilize to garnish your cake with wafers, cookies, cherries, bunties, and much more.  And you can also take too much ideas with given cake album and above mentioned directives for the contentment and carving of your kid,

Theme;   “cake decoration’
Festooned with:  “candies”
Perfect for:  Kids and Childs

cake decorating with candy


candy castle cake