You are looking upset, I think your friend is angry with you and you want to say sorry with cute present which should be so nice and stupendous that happy your friend and he accept your apologies… Be happy, you can do it easily, get a yummy chocolate cake for him that will must happy and fresh his mood really and he will accept sorry with sweet cake and smile…
You can also make chocolate cake in your home, there is not an easy task but not impossible. With a little bit struggles you can make a yummy and delight choc cake for your friend. We can also help you in this matter. Hence, we shall definitely tell you a lot of way to decor cake with chocolate that is a necessary thing for cake.
You can use chocolate for baking, decoration and designs. Wet chocolate can be used for making cake while choco crumb can use for cake decoration. Chocolate can be applied on cake through special moulds in different style and designs. Candles, candies, flowers, bunties and strawberries are also decorous for chocolate cake decoration. Pure chocolate baking cake with a cute rose flower really happy your friend and it will be much seemly present for your friend.

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