Mothers! Are you worried to about your kid’s diet?? Who is disturbing and teasing to you to eat. And you has been tired to apply different ideas in baby’s food, But today we will tell to you about the baking of cakes and decorating in the form of sugar, this idea will not only to draw the attention of your child but also increase the appetite of your child immediately,

Because it has seen kids are like to eat cake too much. Today we shall tell you how you can bake cake in easy way and decorate with icing sugar, icing sugar is also child’s favorite thing, “Icing sugar” as known as a powdered or confectioner sugar, which is often utilize to garnish and make sweeter cakes which are not iced, in the top of the cake, when the layer of the icy sugar sprinkled, then it enhances the charm of the cake in first glance,
for the grounding of the cake, firstly, you should smooth doily paper on the centre and the surface of the cake, make sure, it should not too large from the size of the cake, now almost one cup of icing sugar which is present in too tiny net strainer, keep the cake in rounding platter, and pour the icing sugar from tiny net strainer on the surface and sides of the cake with the gently moving the cake in circular motion.
Lift the doily paper carefully, otherwise it can make the cause to ruins your cake’s garnishing and cover your cake with platter lid to maintain the beauty of icing of your cak,

Material status:   “Cake decoration”
Decorating with:   “Icing sugar”
Amaze for:   Birthdays, parties, daily food,


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