In every occasion, food is integral part of event and when it is the wedding then it’s took place more importance among the ceremony. As you know that first we eat with our eyes and then mouth so that how to present food is important. Because its shows your taste, your manners and arrangements. In western presentation of food have much importance and how you disclose food it’s also depends upon theme.

In the food sweets, cake, fish, chicken and many different drinks are included. First you should pay attention on the utensils in which food will be present. If it’s modish, and classy then it is enough to work speechlessly at wedding. Then table decoration also is very important.

You can also different plates with different items and you can also all items in one dish or separate dishes.  Here we have fabulous food items pictures of western wedding. You can take ideas from here. Let’s have a look! See this fish food with the cover of cucumber is looking fantastic. Food items in each plate for wedding are appearing flawless.
Hope you will like these ideas!

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