Easy recipes   of chicken and Bacon pasta

To make dishes is the fervor of someone but eating is the fondness of everyone and all people want to enjoy different and delicious food .The ladies try to make various delicious food for their family now the men also read the recipes from the net and magazines and make dishes .In previous ages when the net was not introduced people read the magazines and cooking books for cooking food but now you can see and read and make food with the help of cooking sites and cooking channels. Here I am talking about the pastas which is very yummy and tasty and easy to make it takes only 30 to 35 minutes and with different ways pasta is eaten by the people .Some people eat the pasta as a dinner and some as a supper because if you like to eat something in the evening with tea then you should eat something healthy and   tasty. Let us and see in which pasta s ready.

Boiling time:      

First of all take a packet of pasta and read the instruction of boiling first and then boil.
In my recipe full the pot with warm and boil it for 20 to 25 minutes in full temperature when you see very much bubbles are becoming in the water and water is start to jumping then pour 1 tbsp oil and 1 tsp salt and again boil it.
Now open the packet of pasta and pour in to that water and now boil them for few minutes.
Pick any one pasta and check it that it is boiled or not if you will feel that pasta is become smooth and soft then waste the hot water and keep the pasta in the pasta in a basket and open the tap of cold water on it .

Now you see the pasta is not too much sticky together. If is it is sticking to one another if you feel stickiness then take a oil   and mix in it.

Preparation time:

When pasta is boiled accurately then take a onion and cut it in to the sleek and small pieces and add 1 tbsp in that onion and keep that pot on the stove and mix it till the onion become brown in a good way.
After the onion browning add the padte of garlic and ginger in the onion and then again mix it and cooked well .
When onion, garlic and ginger become red means cooked well then add the tomatoes and green chili sauce and cooked it .
Now take the pieces of boneless chicken and fry it in that material which is on your stove and cook the chicken until it become brown and leave the oil and you feel the smell of cooking chicken.
When chicken become   brown then   separate the chicken from that material and keep it in the plate and divide the chicken in to small pieces.
Now add the yogurt in the mixture of onion and garlic etc and cooked well now its time to make the pasta more spicy so add half cup chili sauce half and soy sauce in that pot and add little quantity of vinegar cooked it .
After these steps when you feel the all things become ready then pour the pasta in that pot and mix it well and now pour the chicken crush pieces on the pasta and add the cream or cheese what do you like add it and stir well and now add the bacon pieces in to it to enhance the   taste of pasta.
Now your pasta is ready serve it very hot because it is very delicious and you can garnish it with cheddar chesses and olives and bacon pieces on it .You must like my recipe so make and enjoy in your lunch and supper with tea and juices.


0. Chicken and Bacon Pasta amazing new homemade recipes 1. Chicken and Bacon Pasta amazing new homemade recipes 2. Chicken and Bacon Pasta amazing new homemade recipes 3. Chicken and Bacon Pasta amazing new homemade recipes

Bonus Tips:

Don’t use too much pasta because it is very heavy diet it can spoil your stomach and create many fats on your body but you can eat it .If you have any stomach problem then don’t use much spice and crisp so you can make pasta with cheese and only black paper with chicken pieces .