Chicken is that kind of meat which likes every one and with chiken you make different tasty dishes like chiken roast, chiken biryani, chiken tikka, butter chicken, barbeque chicken, quick chicken curry, coconut chiken and rice and many others. Every dish attracts when it also decorate or its plating is best and perfect. Beautiful Visual appearance makes food more delicious and appetizing.

Grill chiken, roast chiken, fried chiken also have delectable appearances so for plating this type of dish, you could not so much work. By using just little things like coriander, sauces and lemon you can decorate your dish magnetically. Spegaties chiken dish also very easy to garnish black pepper, spinach and lemon as well can be sued for decorating spegaties plate. Chiken biryani most favorite dish of many people, looks perfect when its presentation is attractive. Here we have some chiken food items plating ideas.

Have a look! Chiken biryani plating with boiled egg, coriander and salad is looking outstanding. Grill chicken piece has been garnishing with sauces coriander is appearing appetizing. Chiken spegaties garnish with spinach has magnetic appearance.
Hope you will like it!

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