Dessert bars are becoming a popular choice for foodie couples who always have spent time in dreaming up delicious goodies as cookies, pastries, cakes, mini pies and drinks to serve during the wedding ceremony.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to display them in a way that is truly spectacular, aside from the open bar; the dinner table should most likely end up being the most frequented spot of the night and it should be open for guest of all ages as kids. Here are a few ideas to treat your all of guests with a stylish table full of post-dinner treats in a better way.

Some couples like to set the scene with black and white accents as you can see in the picture, the treat table displayed with white cakes and a dark chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes with white frosting, chocolate ice cream, black and white lollypops and cookies also.

Instead of one wedding cake, some couples like to use more than one cake for the wedding because they want the cake to be a feature at the reception. As shown in the picture that this couple set up a buffet with three cakes in different styles and flavors.

The cupcakes and tarts are also placed on cake stands and everything was tagged with its specific name to create a fun dessert bar that guests could help them to.

This candy table is filled with sweets in the celebration’s color palette of gold, blush pink, white and light peach. Three tired round cake is decorated with white and light peach color frosting, same colors sugar flowers on the top and golden metallic beautiful design on the walls of the cake looking so beautiful and placed on the cake stand to display.

Other cake is made like a floral tower with edible sugar roses in white and blush pink color, big glass jars are filled with pink candies and cupcakes are also decorated with pink and white sugar flowers. The view of treat table is looking very nice so you can impress your guests by making your treat table like this.

This dessert table is over flowing with different types of treats, and the focal point of this table is vanilla and sour cream two tiered wedding cake with bride and groom figurine cake topper, silver metallic lace on the bottom of each tier and a large size sugar white rose flower on the side bottom of the cake.

Vineyard weddings are always breathtakingly beautiful; create an interesting bar and dessert displays with glass lanterns, and large size glass jars filled with cookies placed on the table. This dessert bar is an ideal example of the “less is more” concept.

To celebrate the groom’s love for sweets, a fantastic buffet of candy, cookies and cakes was set out for guests to nibble on in between dances at a wedding party. Some people love the sugar snacks so you can add them in your treat table.

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