How to Decorate a Cupcake:

When you are working into kitchen or bakery then I think cupcake is the most common thing that you must prepare for kids or teenagers & sometimes for parties.  You baked cupcakes & when these tiny cakes cool down you simply present these before your kids or guests.

No, it is not right. I think you should add some tempting & appetizing factor into these cakes by decorating these nicely. Decoration of cupcake can be a great fun for you. Cupcake decorations can determine the level of appreciation which you can receive from your guests, friends, neighbors or kids.

Lots of thing & food items can be used for the cupcake decoration but I am not including most complicated techniques of decoration.  I only include those cupcake decoration techniques that can be done with cream & candies, chocolate or fruits etc. I know that complicated techniques are very time-consuming & hard to do but mine are easy & takes less time. Let’s have ‘Quick’ look!

Different Ideas for Cupcake Decoration:

1 how to decor a Cupcakes in a nice way (3)

By looking towards the above picture you can get quick ideas about the decoration such as floral design decoration, polka dots decoration, bird cage decoration, rose flower cupcake decoration & so on. Be creative & make different designs by taking inspiration from your surroundings such as cartoon, animals, flowers, vehicles, styli clothes, bag etc.

Cone Tops for Cupcakes:

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Different types of swirling patterns can be created on the top of cupcake by using parchment (a type of paper used for filling cream) cones for cupcake decoration. Various design of metallic tops for cones (as shown into the above picture) are available into the market. So, you can buy these for creating interesting swirling patterns on the top of cupcakes. One way is to use cone in swirling pattern (right line cupcakes) while the other way is to make interesting dots (the left line cupcake).

Step-by-Step Cupcake Decoration:

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This step-by-step picture helps to create a rose pattern flower by using cream only in few minutes.

Christmas Tree & Santa Clause Cupcake Decoration:

4 how to decor a Cupcakes in a nice way (4)

If you are arranging a Christmas party then you must decorate your cupcake with Christmas tree & Santa clause theme as shown into the above picture.

Tag Cupcake Decoration:

5 cupcake decoration

Simple add a tag flag on the top of cupcakes for making it impressive as shown into the above picture (LOVE Tag Flags). Similarly you can go with Christmas tag, bite me tag, eat me tag, best regard tag etc.

Easy Ways of Cupcake Decoration:

Decorated cupcakes always grab the attention of viewers. You can add a ‘Wow’ impact into your cupcake tray by decorating these amazingly. Similarly you can decorate cupcakes with different color creams, with candies, with strawberry slices, with chocolate pieces, with biscuits etc. have at following picture & get more ideas!