It is true that first you eat with your eyes. If the presentation of food is good and eyeful then it enhance the appetite and if it looks not good or doesn’t attract the sight of eater then no one can eat this. This reality specially is found in children more than elders. Some children are moody for eating food so the best way to attract the attention of them for food is the cute presentation.

Children have characteristic that they attracts towards their favorite characters or interesting things rapidly just like pooh, angry birds, tom, jerry, and many others. When you prepare your kid’s lunch box so try to make any character just like bird, fish, butter fly etc. You can also make alphabets, and numbers with fruits to eat fruits to children. Giving shape of any bird like pigeon, parrot etc also entertains the children, if you decorate their plates in such characters.

Not only with fruits, you can also give shape to bakery things also like bread, etc and this will enhance the cuteness of plate. So while preparing plate of your child, try to make different characters. Here we have some pictures of cute food presentation for kids. In these pictures you would see angry birds, birds, numbers and many others interesting food presentation.
Hope you will love it!

food presentation for kids (2)

food presentation for kids (4)

food presentation for kids (5)

food presentation for kids