Engagement Party Planning Ideas:

Whether you arrange a birthday party, anniversary party, engagement or wedding party, the thing that’s important for you is the party food menu. Yes, a party is incomplete without food items. Mostly, a person, a couple or a family that arranged a party usually entertain guests with delicious food items. It is common trend that you give party to your close friends & family members when you engaged with your life partner. Now, you need to plan an engagement party.

Without proper planning you engagement party can become super flop. So, be careful & learn from this blog how to plan a party & how to choose best food for the parties. First of all, you need to make a list o guests & then choose the guests that are most important. After choosing guests, invite them, by sending a proper invitation card. Now you need to choose a venue for the party by keeping the total number of guests into your mind.

Set chairs & tables according to total number of guests. You can reserve a table for one family or you can allow your guests to sit randomly. Think about a proper theme of decoration. Use light, curtains (if needed), flowers etc. be creative. At the time of party, you should be gentle & politely talk with guests. Promote mingle.

When it comes to choose best food for engagement party then you have lots of options. You can go with 3 or 5 dishes. The number of dishes depends on your budget. The larger budges means more dishes & shorter budget means less dishes. Here I am going to share some latest trends of engagement party food ideas with you!

Caprese Salad Skewers:

1 Caprese Salad Skewers (2)

Think about Caprese Salad Skewers because it is quite in vogue now days. People like this dish due to its unique & crunchy taste. People who belong from western counties usually like this dish.

Roast Chicken:

2 garlic-roast-chicken

Roast Chicken is mostly common into Asian parties. Asian such as Pakistani, Indian, bengaline people like to eat this food item on parties.

Drinks & Beverages:

3 champagne

Don’t forget to add at least one beverage on the party! You can go with mango, orange or pompadour drink (in eastern countries) while in west mostly champagne is consider compulsory for the party.


4 Sandwich-Platter

I think sandwich is best food item for engagement party. It can be suitable in west as well as in east. You can go with chicken sandwich, potato sandwich, vegetables sandwich & other different types of sandwiches by keeping the local taste into your mind.

Smoked Salmon Platter:

5 smoked salmon platter 1 (1)

Another modern & trendy party food item is the smoked Salmon (a name of a fish, a type of sea food) platter! Mostly the people who belong from elite class prefer these food items!


6 cupcakes

Every age people from kid to old, from teen to young, men & women, girls & boys, almost everyone like to eat cupcakes. So, you must add a sweet dish into the party menu. I think cupcakes are best choice.


7 pizza

Add one junk food item because girls & boys of this new generation like to eat fast or junk food such as pizza, burger, French fries etc.

Engagement Food Menu:

Into the following gallery you can get more idea for engagement party food such as Chicken chow mein, Chicken egg rolls, Composed Cheese Platter, deviled egg, fried rice, Screen shot, Champagne etc.