Ideas to   lose your weight with balanced diet

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God  has made the woman beautiful in this universe all the beauty is  connected to the  women and give them a   kind heart   they can never see the others in the  pain  but  make them very conscious  and cognizant they become on the little matters  but here we are talking about the fatness and fatness is such a disease  which can  feel them the inferior to  others and they  can’t move in the society  with their full  buzz .Fatness make the people lazy and  sluggish  but you can save yourself from more fatness  because now in the developed world where  everything  can be possible  then how can be possible that  your fatness cannot finish. There are many ways to finish the fatness like the medicine of weight losing is very common among the people  but they are harmful for our  stomach  then we should avoid from these  things and take attention toward  the   diet plan it should be  balanced because too much eating can  make your body  chubby  so  make a diet chart  for your daily routine  and pair it with the  different things if you want to  remain fit and  smart. If you are fat and want to lose your weight then must read the food chart which is made for your good health. In a week seven days so I have made seven days   meal chart  for you which you can  include in your daily routine.

•    Don’t go with the oily and greasy foods because it can  create more fatness on your body  eat the boiled rice with the vegetable means  make vegetable rice and eat  with it  you can pair it  a  good  yogurt raita  to maintain your taste.

•    In the morning do exercise and  drink green tea it help you to  finish the stress and   maintain your blood circulation  with the green tea you can pair the  lemon because lemons can refresh  our mood   and if you are feeling something   weakness then you can eat  some berries with it.

•    In the summer  only milkshake is good for  your diet plan but you  have a pair with the mango  and banana milkshake with it  use lettuce    it will keep you fresh and the cucumber is also good  as the place of salad  not use salt rather eat it with black paper.

•    When we talk about the   diet then the  health is first because if you do diet and leave  to eat everything then there  will be weakness in your body  so egg is full of protein  and   liver (kaleji )  is good pair  with it  fried  the  eggs in  hot sauce  and  eat fried liver  it gives you a healthy  lunch.

•    Oatmeal is a best thing  during the weight losing period   oatmeal in the  yogurt and  milk   in both  can be cooked  with oatmeal drink the orange juice  it is  correct pairing but at the place of juice you can drink the  simple glass water  but juice and oatmeal should be sugar free because  sugar  enhance your weight .

•    In your dieting period you should not eat  loaf if you have  much wish to eat loaf then half is enough  otherwise jam with bread it is nice  and drink  milk  without cream and sugar  if you do some struggle then you will feel some difference in your body

•    Honey and red grapes are very delicious   eat some grapes and two spoon of honey in the  yogurt and eat it  because honey is better than the sugar   with red grapes you can add the   1 plate macaroni but not too much spicy and oily.

•    When we eat these   things  then  the meat and chicken is also compulsory   then make the  steam roast chicken for you  and eat with the  boiled rice  and eat it without any thing white tea is also good with it  but the  sugar should be very less in the tea.

•    Strawberry with the watermelon and the black berries is good in the breakfast first drink water before eat it then   eat these things because water also help  you to decreasing the weight. When you eat these fruits then in the lunch eat beef soup with the cucumber.
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Final note:

Eat these things   during your dieting plan and with these things if you feeling unhealthy and weak then stop your dieting and eat the walnuts with almond and drink fresh juices   and away from the oily things because greasy things give you fat body. Eat daily an apple in your breakfast and at the place of apple you can eat the 2 dates in the morning.