There is no requiring any special professional skills or instruments for creating a cake. You know girls the cute and superb decoration can enhance the cake taste at all. Cake decoration should be such mouth-watering and lip-smacking as increase next person’s hunger and sense of appetite. Today, everyone can buy cake through market or bazaar but homemade cake has its own importance and significance. And now you can easily bake cake in home to follow the some special rules. The next step to décor cake is also much easier and we can also help you in this matter…
Firstly, create a cute or nice cake and then apply butter cream in gentle way. Make a design or drop flower on the cake’s surface with choco to use special mould.
Usage of fruits strawberries, cherries, mangoes, candies, bunties, chocolate and butter cream along with artificial flowers can make your cake scrumptious, luscious, delight and you will see that everyone will appreciate you a lot of owing to décor cake according to above ideas…

Accessory: Homemade Cake decoration
Required things: strawberries, cherries, mangoes,  Candies, bunties, chocolate and butter cream
Cake best for: Birthday and Christmas occasions


simple homemade cake decorating ideas