Easy Recipe to Make Chicken Burger at Home:

Cooking is an art which can make even simple dish very exciting and delicious. Cooking is the need of women because they can’t survive until they know how to cook something. But besides those women cooking is also the passion of some women. They love to cook things with modifications or traditional aspects but surely their cooking enhances the real charm and deliciousness of the dish.

Today our topic is cooking as there are lots of varieties in cooking and eatables you can do lot of experiments with stuff. But today here we are going to make some easy recipes of chicken burger to made them at home. Id you are inviting your friends at dinner or in a mood to cook something for your family then it is the best suitable dish and the easiest thing. So here we are presenting the easy recipe of chicken burger.

So have a look on our presenting recipe and try it yourself and then make your parents, siblings and friends impress with your cooking.


Medium Burgers

Minsed Chicken.. Rinsed and drained

Slice of bread

½ spoon of garlic salt

Oil 4 tablespoon

Lettuce leaves 8

1 tomato

Lemon juice ½ tablespoon

Mustard ½ tablespoon

½ tablespoon blackpepper

Onion ½ table spoon

1 table spoon chopped green onions

1 pinch of salt

How to make Burger:

Add the bread crumbs and drained mince into the bowl and shake them gently with your hand. After this add up all the powders along with salt and combine them and mix well. Then add 1 tablespoon of chopped green onions. After Mixing them add lemon juice and mustard and then mix it well with your hands until the mixture merge with each other smoothly. And then make 4 balls of that mixture and then give them a patty shape. And then place those patties into the freezer for 10-5 minutes until it completely cool down. Then heat your grill pan and add little amount of oil just to coat your patties after laiding the patties on pan let them and don’t disturb them again and again by changing sides. Remove your patties on plate and then heat your bun just little bit until they warm. And then mix mayonnaise and ketchup in equal and mix them well after this apply this mixture onto your buns and place patties, tomatoes and salad leaves on them and serve them well with fries. Your delicious chicken burger is ready.

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