When a girl is going to marry she throws a party to her friends before marriage that is called Bridal shower party. It is not a tradition or custom but it can be throw for fun only.  These parties are thrown for gossiping, gift giving and for lot of fun. There may be so many themes in a bridal shower party as in the spring time you may throw a garden party with the theme of a specific flower as you can wear the dress of the same color of flower or so on.
If you are going to throw a bridal shower party, just decide the theme of your party and then decide the time of the day. After the selection of time choose your menu and venue.

The menu and venue are the important things in a bridal shower party. If you are throwing the party in hotel then you will be tied to their menu and if you are doing this at home then menu is most important and it is difficult to decide that what thing should you keep in your menu or what not.. You will be worry to think what kind of food and drinks I should serve the guests. This thing should keep in mind that everything should be according to the choice of the people.

Usually desserts are served in this party and whatever your theme, venue and budget your menu should be perfect that people remember it for a long time. Here are some ideas for your menu.

Make your menu unique by follow this. Cover the strawberries with a pink cream and decorate some of them with edible shimmer and pearls. This thing will definitely impress your guests.  Bake some kind of biscuits and cupcakes at your home and decorate all of them in different ways.

Usually everybody like chocolates and you can make different things with chocolate as chocolate ice cream, chocolate custard and cupcakes. What things you make with chocolate just decorate those in different manners as you can decorate your dessert with cream and strawberry. Put your dessert in cups and decorate it with strawberry. Cut the strawberry in two pieces and dip some pieces in liquid chocolate and some in the butter cream and put them on the top of the dessert.

These simple things will make your dessert more beautiful and everyone will wish to eat it.
You can present strawberry in a different manner. You can cover some strawberries with chocolate and some with cream. Use a skewer to put strawberries and decorate those with liquid chocolate. Heart shape biscuits are perfect for your party and they are not only delicious but also have an impressive display.

This is a very different idea to open a strawberry and fill it with fresh cream and your dessert will make a big impress. The delicious strawberry mallow cake roll should be a necessary item of your bridal shower party.
These desserts will serve as a perfect and happier end of your celebration.

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