Thali food presentation is the convention of India which country is going at the topper among all others countries because of its food taste and presentation. Usually, we know that India is full of colors, traditions and customs that are its famous and introductory things. But the Thali Indian food method is being much popular all over the world.  The meant of Thali is “Plate” which is most prominent and standout in not only in India but also in Nepal. In other words, you can say that Thali food presentation is the invention of South Asia which becomes an eminent thing of India with the passage of time.
Thali is a steel tray which consists of small different compartment and the different food items are presented in it beautifully. In spite of this, mostly Thali “trays” are simple and the food is presented in small bowls called “ktori” which are placed in this round tray.
Small amount of typical dishes like rice, dal, raita, curd, vegetables curries, chapatti, rotis, different chutni, pickle and sweet dish are kept in Thali. A different variety of food item is kept in this thali so that guest could easily eat his choice able food. On the other hand, you can also hear the name of Nepal thali, Gujrati thali, Rajhastani thali and etc because these cities also have this Thali food presentation which is now have spread all over the world rapidly due to its eye catching style and tradition.

Topic: Indian food thali
Pots Needed: Steel Tray With small bowls
Food items: Rice, Loaf, Curries, sauces, etcetc
Ready for: Each and everyone person

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Vegetarian indian food thali

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