Mother Day is coming, people having mothers and especially kids are very excited about this day because they have an opportunity to show their love and affection to their mothers. From the start of the month of May they start making preparations for a surprised celebration or gift to make their beloved mother happier.

No celebration completes without a cake, cake has become an essential part of any party whether it is a marriage ceremony, engagement part, cocktail, bridal shower etc. cake is a better way to show your mom some love this Mother’s Day so join this post and get the amazing cake ideas that you will never seen before.

If your mom loves chocolate a lot then this is the cake she needs to eat for her special day. Your mom will be stunned by this beautiful chocolate topped with sugar rose flower, sugary tinny hearts and with the words of best mum. She will feel happier and proud and will definitely hug and kiss you.

Nothing shoes your deep love to your mother than a homemade cake, and it is better way to show mom that she means to you than with this rosy Mother’s Day cake. Fully decorated with butter cream rose flowers and some tiny white flowers, this lovely Mother’s Day cake is bound to be one edible arrangement mom will love.

Fill your decorating bags with rose pink icing color to make the roses like they are actually blooming and get ready to wow with this rosy Mother’s Day cake.

This flower pot cupcake is looking adorable, present it to your mother on Mother’s Day if she has a hobby of gardening and loves flowers. This little pot is decorated with crushed dark chocolate cookies then topped with purple flowers and wrapped with white color ribbon.

You can use the silicone flower pot to bake this little treat or this pot can be made at home by fondant cake, it will work great for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Your mother will love this fondant cake topped with sugary roses, sugary pearls necklace and decorated with a motto that reads ‘mum’. If you want to do something this Mother’s Day to make your mom feel happier then what about this lovely heart cake.

Bake your mother’s favorite cake in heart shape and decorate it with your mom’s favorite color icing inn wicked style, top your cake with frosting and decorate it with some sugary different colors flowers and white butter cream flowers with icing motto of Happy Mother’s Day.

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