Turkish famous food items:

Every country has its own food specialties. People of different countries have their separate likings and disliking. Special food items become the mark of specific country or area. Every country has something unique in its food’s item list which is source of fascinating for other people. Here we are talking about Turkish food items. These delicious food items are enormously tasty and healthy. These food items are superbly scrumptious and greatly delicious that every lady must taste them. You can try these inspiring food items at home. Let’ talk about these yummy Turkish food items which are fabulously memorable in their taste.


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One most delicious dish is made from beef or lamb’s mea. Kofte is deliciously amazing dish which is served stewed, in sandwiches, over salad and with plain yogurt. This healthy and tasty food is best for dinner and expression of high taste of Turkish people.


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It is Turkish delight, an awesome dessert which is served with a variety of flavors and topped with powdered sugar. It is superbly amazing in its taste. This delicious food item is best refreshment. It is heavy on the sugar while too light on its filling.  Turkish people offered this food item as one of their popular specialty.


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This delicious Turkish food item comes in many varieties. This pastry is enormously popular and filled with minced meat and cheese. Borek can be rolled or served as puff. It is bet food for breakfast, lunch, snakes and dinner. It is best food for all times and is always delicious.


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Turkish rice is simply one of most delicious food. For every time it is best thing or your plate. Buttery and toasted Turkish rice are awesome with combination of yogurt. This delicious dish is one of specialty of turkey. In mood of something tasty and different you can try this amazing food item.

Iskender kebab:

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Are you in turkey then must taste this delicious food. This kebab is worthy to order if you are sitting in a kebaba house. This dish is made from long strips of lamb which are cooked in tomato sauce and served with ice or with bread and yogurt.


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Doner is delicious Turkish slow cooked sandwich; this tasty sandwich is made from beef, lamb’s meat, chicken and served with yogurt, vegetables and different spices. It is one of most tasty and amazing food item which is more delicious than McDonalds. It is beat Turkish fast food.