0. 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas

Summer is not a good season for the health like  the winter  because in winter only fever, cold and sneezing is  spread but in the summer  too much  diseases spread and it is difficult to  avoid  these diseases  so in the summer we should   much take care of ourselves .The meal of the summer should be healthy but  not too much oily and  unhygienic in the summer  the flies and the other insects are    produced  everywhere so you should avoid from the uncovered things because it  becomes the cause of stomach   diseases .in the summer you should make a healthy chart of the food and something which are more healthy you should must include in your daily  routine .the use of water is increased in the summer and the food is  eaten in less quantity   so when you eat food then keep this thing in your mind that it should be fresh and the   healthy otherwise ready for  face the  digestive  problem and the many  abdomen diseases so here I have some things  which  can  provide you nutrients and  vitamins which are  good for your health.

Yogurt raita:

1. 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas 1+ 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas

First of all  use of raita is much compulsory in the summer  because the   yogurt is   useful for the health  and it is cool in its nature  so in the morning  without eat anything  eat the fresh yogurt and  in the lunch time make the raita And raita is made with many vegetables  the famous  raita is made with the coriander it is so tasty and easy to digestive  besides coriander  the raita is made with the tomatoes ,brinjal  , pumpkin  and the potatoes  if  you want to make the lunch cool then include the  cucumber raita with your salan. It is very easy to make take a bowl of yogurt and cut the small pieces of cucumber with the onion ,tomatoes and the  chopped red chili and salt now it  is ready to eat .

Cool kheer:

2. 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas

It is a fact that when we eat something salty  then  it ,s our wish that  little sweet thing  is eaten but in the summer we become fed up to eat ice-cream and the  jelly  so make the kheer  with the fresh  milk it is healthy for the summer season  and  so delicious desert   it is favorite of the many children   and there is no one kheer  idea you can make it with different ways  like  safrani  kheer, kasseri kheer ,sabudane ki kheer etc and the firni is also  made at the place of kheer  you can make the pudding ,vermicelli and the halwa  for changing your taste it is not a tough  work to make kheer and the healthy almonds with pistachio and the  saffron is giving the milk kheer so healthy and good for the summer.

Vegetable salad:

3. 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas

In the summer vegetable is   good food for eating because it gives you energy and for the summer   you should must include the salad with your   lunch and the dinner  take the cucumber, onion, chilies and the  tomatoes   cut it in small pieces and decorate it with the boiled eggs and the  French fries and lettuce  it is a healthy meal  t is looking so relish salad   and you can serve it to your guest  and if  no  dish is made then you can eat the roti with  salad  and the chattni  it is very delicious  with it you can add the   cheese balls  and chicken piece  to make it more tasty.

Milkshakes and juices:

4. 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas

The healthy dishes are not made ob eating rather you should add something healthful  in drinking   because it gives you energy to    move forward  milkshakes of the seasonal fruits are very tasty it gives you much energy  now a day’s mangoes  are in the season so you can  make the mango milkshake  and the cold milk with the  almond pistachio and the dates with  saffron  is very delicious  take some milk and  add some sugar with the ice cubes  and the  grind all the dry fruits  and  garnish on the milk  and the juices of strawberry and the  grewia asiatica (falsa)   juices are very useful for the stomach and the skin.

Chicken pulao:

5. 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas

In the summer don’t eat too much spicy food   so the pulao is made with the less spice  so  you can make the  chicken pulao  because  beef and mutton are healthy but in the summer it is so hot and give the  hotness  to your body   so  chicken pulao is not too much  heavy to eat with the raita and salad you can eat  pulao   and in the pulao so many recipes  are made like mughlai ,Irani, nawabi and the  many more  recipes in the chicken  pulao you can eat in the summer.

Fruit salad:

6. 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas

Fruit salads  are  very tasty and the  delicious  for the health and the children like it  very much if you like the fruits then make the fruit salad you can make it in the cream and   mayonnaise  with the yogurt  and   the black pepper   cut all the fruits and  add some   cream with yogurt and eat it is very healthy recipes for  making it tasty you can add the  chicken small pieces  and the  macaronis  and the spaghetti for the  guest feast  you can serve it as  a desert  it is healthy and delicious.

Chicken curry dish:

7. 7 Healthy Summer Recipes ideas

Stay away from the  much spice   because it can cause the stomach problem  and your digestive system can be   damaged   so make the salt and black pepper  chicken curry salan  it is good for the summer season  and don’t include the junk food in your  routine  and chicken  curry is not a difficult  to make  but little  spice are used in the salan  don’t add too much water in the chicken  just  remain  little  gravy in the salan and eat  with the loaf   it is very tasty and healthy. With the chicken you can make different dishes but keep in your mind add little spice because in summer    many stomach and skin problems can be caused to eat oily and  spicy food.