Eid-ul-Fitr jovial celebration:

Eid-ul-fitr is one of most significant Muslim religious and cultural festival which is celebrated as reward of fasts of Ramadan. At 1st shiwal Muslims celebrate this festive occasion which celebrations continued for the three days. This festival is full of happiness and festivity which is celebrated by wearing stylish outfits, transaction of gifts and by cooking distinctive foods and recipes. This festive function is also called sweet Eid so along with spicy and junk food; sweet dishes are tremendously liked at this event. Keeping in mid Eid food recipes, here we are sharing some foods which can be best menu for this Eid-ul-Fitr.

Sweat sevaiyan for Eid-ul-Fitr:

1 Meethi Seviyan for eid food recipe

Sweet seviyan is most common and traditionally significant dish of Eid-ul-Fitr. Muslim like to eat this dish after offering their eid pray.

Biryani menu for Eid-ul-Fitr:

2 Biryani menue idea for eid ul fitr celebration.

Biryani is awesome for special events, for eid food menu biryani is best selection. at this eid from vast range of biryani items, tanduri chiken biryani will be fantastic as eid food menu.

Special food for Eid celebrations:

3 different foods for eid al fitr celebration

Different foods which we are present8ing in this picture will also best for eid special recipes. You can try all these delicious food items as eid mouth watering menu.

Fruit trifle for sweet Eid:

4 Fruit-Trifle for eid ul fitr

Superb idea of fruit trifle is tremendously awesome for Eid-ul-Fitr celebration. It will enhance the impact of sweet eid with all its sweet deliciousness.

Kabab dish for Eid-ul-fitr:

5 Eid Ul Fitr kabab pic

Kabab is very special dish which is liked at special events. At this eid, add the fabulous recipe of kabab in your food menu and enjoy eid with all its delicious charm.

Eid special sweet dish:

6 Phirni for eid al fitr ceremony

Phirni is one of most significant sweet dish and it is greatly like to eat at sweet eid event. It is traditional food item which is liked by tradition lover people.

Different sweets for Eid celebration:

7 sweets for Eid al-Fitr celebrations

As this eid is famous for its sweetness so sweets are most special and common at this excitingly jovial event. All these sweet food items are superbly best for enjoying eid-ul-fitr.

Eid special food items:

8 Eid Ul Fitr Food, Recipes, Menus idea

These appetizing junk food items are greatly best selection for special eid events. You can make them as tasty parts of your menu if you have no health problems.

Delicious sweet items for Eid-ul-Fitr:

9 different sweets for eid al fitr

These luscious food items are awesomely fascinating; at eid-ul-fitr all these sweet items are greatly preferred to enhance the sweet charm of this jovial festival.

Fried foods for Eid menus:

10 new foods foreid al fitr ceremony

These mouth watering fried foods items are also greatly fabulous for eid menu. You can make your eid specials by all these luscious recipes. These dishes are perfect5 menu for eid-ul-fitr celebrations.