Food Art Ideas:

Food art is also one of the most attention gaining arts. It is getting a position of a separate subject in schools as well as colleges. Various big & recognized institutions are providing proper education about this art. Food is very necessary for living a long life. Without food a man can never imagine to live for a long period of time.

Food becomes more impressive & appetizing if it is presented in a decorative way. A well decorated plate of food always enhances its beauty plus force a person to eat it as soon as possible. Food art makes the food mouth watering. So, today I am going to share some very amazing & outstanding foods art ideas with you.

By using various food art ideas you can become creative in your kitchen. By using these ideas you can learn best cooking skills. Furthermore, you set your dining table either for a family meal or for party in such a way that it looks very tempting.  Kid usually likes food art.

If your kids’ never like to eat traditional or healthy food items then I am sure that food art will enhance them to eat more. For the purpose of food art you can take ideas from sea creature, animals, your kid’s favorite cartoon characters etc. similarly fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, noodles, salad, cupcakes & lots of other food items can be used intro food art. Let have a look at some unique ideas!

Multi Colored Cake:

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In this very first picture you can see a cake. The first layer is made with white crème then different rainbow color crèmes are used for creating an abstract art on it simply by throwing color on cake with spoon. It makes a cake colorful & appetizing.

Heart Shape Watermelon Pieces:

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Watermelon is mostly used in summer season. It contains 99% of water. It is beneficial for reducing the problem of dehydration. Make it more appealing by cutting its pieces into heart shape & then use a knife for eating it.

Orange Chickens:

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Think about little chickens, these always looks very cute. Use small size of oranges for creating chickens as shown into the above picture. In this way you can present oranges before your kids or guests in a very unique way.

Red Strawberry Fish:

4 15 amazing food art ideas

Look at this plate in which a fish is create by using strawberries. The idea is really very impressive & can add value into your kitchen skill. Simply cut strawberries from the center & set these pieces like a fish. Black color berries (which are showing the water bubbles) can also be used for adding some color into the plate.

Rice Berar with Egg Blanket:

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Look at this cute bear that is made by using brown rice. The sleeping bear is covered with a blanket. This blanket is made by using egg. The idea is very cute for school going kids. Make the rice & egg food alluring by using this idea.

Sneaker Burger:

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Now present a burger before your guests or kids in some different way. Yes it’s the time to utilize this sneaker burger idea. A sneaker style burger is created very flawlessly. It’s new & amazing.

Unique Food Art Techniques:

As the title of this article deals with the top 15 food art ideas but I described only 6 food art into the above points because the remaining 9 food art pictures are shown below. You just need to check out each picture carefully & deeply so that you can get the right idea.

The highlights of the photo gallery that is shown below are; in this galley you can check out watermelon cup, unique way of presenting red & green apple slices, green fish, strawberry snake, chocolate & strawberry Christmas cupcakes, banana & Chocolate art, noodles nest, fruit salads art & tortoise art. So explore the photos & get ideas!