How to Present Food like a Chef:

Food art actually is an art of presenting food in a decorative way. The arrangement of food items into a plat or styling of food is called plating. A beautifully decorated plate always makes your food more appealing, appetizing, alluring & delicious. You can see now day’s food plate can be décor lots of different ways. So, today I am going to throw light on these ways.

1)    A food plate can be decorated classically. In this method mostly it is seen that main food items is kept into the center while other sauces & starch are kept around main food.

2)    Another way of decorating food is to create a tower be keeping different the main item into the center & other supporting food item above the main food. You can create flowers into the plate or you can give the touch of wilderness buy using different ketchups.

3)    You can present food by keeping the clock food presentation idea into the mind. According to this idea you can set protein-based food item at 6’o clock position, you can set vegetables at 2’o clock position, & starch at 11’o clock position.

4)    Try to visualize the plate setting before actual setting.

5)     Try to keep your food presentation simple by focusing on the main food item.

6)    Try to play with colors & create an enjoyable & alluring color pattern into food plate which makes your food appetizing. Try to avoid the monochromatic color schemes.

7)    When you are frying food then try to monitor it carefully because too much brownish food looks blackish & smells bad.

8)    Choose right size of plate for your food presentation neither big nor small.

9)    A rule of thumb for presenting food with other supporting food items is that; choose a round plate. Suppose, it is a clock. Now keep the main food item into the half portion of the plate which means from 3’o clock to 9’o clock. Try to keep starch from 9’o clock to 11’o clock & other sauces/vegetables within 11’o clock to 3’o clock.

10)    Don’t overload the food plate because it looks unappetizing. Almost fill 2/3 part of a plate. Left some space empty. Odd number food items look more appealing then even number food items. So keep food items in odd number.

Now you can check out the pictures of food plate which all are decorated well for learning more about food plating presentation ideas!

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Chef Josh Thomsen of Meritage at the Claremont Hotel - Berkeley,

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