Pakistan is a part of sub-continent and located in South Asia & in the middle of East that places are known by the great traditions and customs. Generally, if we look at the traditions and function of Pakistan then we find a lot of marriage ceremonies, parties, get to gather events, anniversaries and so on. But hence we want to draw your attention on the function of “Marriage Ceremonies” that are being held more and more in these days.
In the marry events, kids, girls and boys all the personalities wear glittering and colorful dresses and enjoy it so much. Usually marriage ceremonies are consisting of a lot of functions like mehndi, barat, walima and maqlawa. Remember one thing that all these events are just Pakistanis traditions not Islamic carnivals. But the most important and chief thing of Pakistani weddings is “Dinner presentation”. Below we have a few pictures of Pakistani wedding dinner, let’s have a look.
At the mehndi function, the boiled rice and ‘Haleem’ is presented to the guests but the dinner of barat and wallima is similar and full of bounty dishes of vegetables, chicken, meat, fish and much more. Pakistani wedding dinner is being liked so much all over the world because of plenty dishes, salad and the way of presentation those leave a great impact and influence on the others at all.  Yummy and delicious sweet dishes are also including in barat and wallima.  Commonly, dinner is served in steel trays and bowls on the tables at the spot of marriages events. Now mostly families are utilizing white Chinese dinner pots for food presentation.  The wedding dinner tables are beautified with biryani, qorma, chicken karahi, loafs with different type of salad, and much more extra dishes in steel round pots. Verily, Pakistani wedding dinner presentation is admirable and full of enjoyment for everyone….

Subject matter: Pakistani wedding dinner presentation
Pots used; Steel less steel
Presentation: With salad and sauce, chutnies
Dishes: Spicy, sweet and every type
Perfect for: Pakistani weddings

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best wedding dinner in pakistan presentation ideas

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wedding dinner in pakistan presentation ideas