In this age of fashion, every woman wants to know what’s going on in the fashion world? As the time is passing out, the latest trends of clothing, footwear, jewelry& other fashionable accessories are coming on the surface. All this is happening only due to the innovative & creative minds of fashion designers & various top ranking fashion houses or brands. Their designs & ideas circulate like blood in the whole fashion industry.

Here I m going to circulate the high heels footwear for bridals. The trend of wearing high heels is always in fashion. In other words, we can say that it never ever out of the fashion. The collection consists of two types of high heels, firstly that are embellished with little crystals or beads & second are those which are simple but still looking very elegant.

Mostly white color high heels are included in this footwear anthology while a red & a pink color pair of footwears are also here. All are designed by various reputable designers & brands. That’s why this collection is looking very mouthwatering. Furthermore the footwear designs are perfect for bridals as well as for those girls who are crazy about the new designs & tend footwear.

Collection of: High Heel Footwear
For: Bridals
Adorned with: Crystals, Stones, Beads & Rhinestones etc

Bridal Heel Footwear with Crystal & Rhinestone Embellishments

1 10cm High Heel Wedding Bridal Shoes

Red Bridal Heel Footwear Adorned with Silver Little Crystals

2 Cerise Heel Satin Bridal Shoes in red color

White Footwear for Bridals Fully Embellished with Stones, Pearls & Crystals

3 crystal wedding shoes rhinestone white ultra high heels