summer season is on the way and ladies especially young girls are really very excited about the new trend and the styles because a girl always wants to something new and unique which give her a unique and different look from the others.

Mostly girls do focus only on their dresses but they should understand this thing that foot wear is also as important as the outfit or dress. Dresses and shoes make your personality complete and tells about your fashion sense.

So try to wear these things according to the fashion trend, season and occasion. If you will wear so fancy and high heel shoes on the funeral or any other tragic event it will look so odd and if on the wedding you wear flat and simple footwear it look so peculiar.

During the warmer months ladies like to wear open and the airy flat shoes for ease and comfort whenever in winter close and shoes style shoes’ are preferred.  In the summer season along with the colorful dresses

the shoes are also combined with different kinds of outfits as skirts, denim jeans, shorts etc. in this post we are talking about colorful funky shoes in flat sole for those girls who are always in care for looking for different from others and want to grab the attention of the crowd.

Flat shoes remain good with the casual wears, semi formal parties; get to gather and some street style look in the summer. If you want to go on the beach for picnic and to and enjoy the climate of there then flat shoes are the best.

It is available in different styles and colors and the attractive shoes are here select for your summer season. Here I have some styles of funky flat shoes which you can include in your summer wardrobe because these are essential for your perfect summer look.

In the summer you should go with the colorful and the colorful footwear because the summer demands something colorful and attractive. Three to four shaded lace, pompom and beads are used in the flat sandal on the foot the cross strap and the back zipper closure.

Carry this pair of flat sandals with your denim jeans, shorts and skirt also but if you are going on the semi formal party and at beach with your friends then this is a good choice because this colorful pair of flat sandals can go with every color.

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